Vero Beach Vacant Home Check
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  Vacation / Seasonal / Vacant Home Checks While You're Away:

  Vacant House Check - Home Watch Service

  Have peace of mind that your Vero Beach home is secure while it's vacant! Need someone
  to stop by and check the house and grounds after a storm or meet service personnel ?  

        Our Home Watch Service is Available - weekly, monthly or just one time

Exterior Inspections   Interior Inspections
  •  Storm damage – trees, windows, roof 
  •  Insect / animal / vermin infestation 
  •  Sprinkler malfunction – dry or flooding 
  •  Signs of forced entry or attempt   
  •  Collect any papers or mail 
  •  Performance of pool / landscape services
  •  Check gates, locks & security system
  •  Take in / put out trash cans
  • Secure all windows and doors
  • Check for water infiltration and plumbing leaks 
  • Look for signs of insect or vermin presence 
  • Evaluate AC/Heat operation based on settings 
  • Run water to sink drain traps – prevent odor
  • Check all rooms, enclosed areas and garage 
  • Rotate light timers if used / alternate lights on 
  • Evaluate cleaning services if scheduled
  We will contact you to report any issues or just to tell you everything is OK. A monitored  
home will typically save on insurance costs - be sure to inform your agent!

   We have saved our clients thousands of dollars in potential damage by reporting:

  •  Malfunctioning AC systems that ran without cooling, producing condensation in home 
  •  Broken irrigation components that were causing landscape damage & flooding 
  •  Water Heater left on after water supply was shut off for the summer. 

  Seasonal Residents :

  • We can visit your Vero Beach home prior to your arrival to check for any maintenance  issues, deliver items from storage, schedule repair or cleaning service. 
  •  Wait Service - We will wait at your home for Service / Maintenance / Delivery Person      & report back to you any information or communications from the service provider. 

  Each client and home is different and we will consider any requests and we are up for the
 challenge. If you think of a service not listed - please let us know!



It's great to be able to call someone I trust to check on our Vero Beach winter home. We appriciate your service.
    Al Koeing - Colorado

vacation home vero beach

Thank you very much for your quick response! We really appreciate your helping us out here.
RJ Edwards - Michigan